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Deep Connections Storytelling


Learn through experience 


Dynamic, Interactive, Playful


Learn from each other

To live a deeply connected life it's essential we learn how to tell our personal stories in a way that flows, is compelling and has people pay attention.

Why is it important for you?

  • People get to know who you really are and what matters to you

  • Attract the right kind of people and repel those that aren't

  • Great storytelling enhances our ability to connect deeply with each other

  • A personal story told well, bridges the gaps created through having a different culture, race, religion, social status or anything else

  • Stories can be transformational for the speaker and the listener

  • Storytelling can be healing: By sharing a painful memory in the right way, we can stop being haunted by it

  • Stories, told well, create vivid memories inside of the people listening. This means, the better you get at telling your stories, the more memorable and influential you become

Learn how to select and share individual moments from your life. Connect deeper to yourself and draw others to you.

You'll discover how to tell story after story with fresh insights. Even from within the same experience! Forever being able to captivate and engage whoever you are speaking to.

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"When I got to try this out, I could feel a difference in my attitude. Things I’ve shared many times to the point of monotony suddenly had new life"

Bajinder Bains 

"I loved the way Ben did it, some of it involved games and it was good how he facilitated kept you engaged"

Christine Ives

"Last night was awesome. I loved it. I don't feel so alone anymore. It was nice talking to other people. You are amazing !!!! "

Seth Perry

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