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About Deep Connections 

Welcome to Deep Connections. We provide a range of experiences designed to bring people together from diverse backgrounds. In a Deep Connections space, you can express yourself honestly, vulnerably ,and powerfully and you'll learn how to be more deeply present with others in a way that has them feel seen and heard. Every time we meet, we play, experiment, grow and connect.

7 years ago David created his first storytelling event. At the time he was facilitating 3 (or more) personal development events a week.

When he paired people up he noticed they would either talk over each other or one person would dominate the conversation.

There were rooms full of people who were there to connect, yet very little connection was happening.

Here he began to ensure people were given equal opportunities to express themselves.

One person could speak and the other listen, then they swap. 

In doing that, it revealed how most people were pretty bad at talking about themselves and their lives.

They would share too much info, talk too fast, get self conscious...and commit other errors of disconnection.

It wasn't enough to give them the space, they needed to know how to use it...

The Art Of Storytelling was born.

We began correcting those errors and layering in certain skills.

People felt good expressing who they were without holding back. They connected with each other and learned to captivate others when they spoke.

Deep Connections is a range of experiences that are built with the vision of changing how people express themselves and how they are there for others.

Meet the Team

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