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Deep Connections Storytelling

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Learn Connected Storytelling


Experiment, Play, Share

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Make Friends, Grow, Laugh

Find out how interesting you really are! Unlock limitless, authentic, stories from your unique life. Express better, challenge yourself, have fun & connect with dynamic people. Go on a journey of self discovery.

"Things I’ve shared many times, to the point of monotony, suddenly had new life" Baljinder


Our stories aren't just stories

They're vital memories that connect us to who we used to be, who we are, and who we're becoming. They connect us to the people we've loved and each experience we've ever had...They contain our hopes, fears, dreams and accomplishments. They're our Hero's Journey and the highs and lows we've experienced along the way.

Our stories are the ultimate connector. Our story builds a bridge of connection to those who may seem very different to us.

A great story, told well, becomes a living memory. We aren't talking about what happened we're EXPERIENCING it!

Join us for a unique storytelling training and connection workshop. Wherever you are in your journey, this can help you take a leap forward.

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After my first Deep Connections session I used your 3 rules of Deep Presence to get my dream job!
David and Ben are making this world a wonderful place by allowing us all to connect with ourselves and each other.
I keep attending as many times as I can because you have helped me connect on a deeper level to myself as well as with people around me.
You are bringing an impactful change in this world with every session


"I came to Deep Connections hoping to improve my storytelling and confidence with public speaking.
Ben & David welcomed me into the group and made me feel relaxed and excited for the night ahead! 
I've loved the framework they use, the tips they share and the games we've all played!
Deep Connections has become a key community for me since moving to London. Everyone is so supportive and within a few months I went from being nervous in groups to presenting my own workshops!
It's an amazing experience that I'm so glad is available to all!"


Deep Connections has made a very big impact on me and my life in London. It helped me form my real stories and build deep connections with people whom I could cherish for a long time to come. 
I'm glad to have attended that first session, followed by many more before I had to return to India.
I'm already missing those sessions and am definitely using those learnings.


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