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About Deep Connections 

Welcome to Deep Connections

We're on a mission to create a more deeply connected world. Providing spaces where we can express ourselves in a way that has us come ALIVE and draws others to us. Spaces where we have no fear of judgement or criticism and can develop a stronger more supportive presence for others.

We're an experienced coaching & transformational events company. We specialise in creating dynamic connection experiences that harness the power of personal stories. Bringing people together to discover key insights about themselves, learning and growing in interesting, and often unexpected ways.

In a Deep Connections space you can express yourself honestly, vulnerably and powerfully. Becoming a more compelling storyteller while developing your presence and ability to be with others in a way that has them feel seen and heard.

Our events are supported by my incredibly creative nephew Ben and one of our dynamic and capable long term regulars, Tom. Plus, we have other valuable members or our community who are an important part of our growing Deep Connections family. 

We are here to be of service to you.

Every time we meet: we play, experiment, connect and grow.

With Passion & Purpose

David Saville

Through Connection, Anything Is Possible!

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